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Our Story

All the best stories are founded upon amazing discoveries, and ours is no different

In 2017 our founder, Nic, had pretty much given up hope at finding a cure for his problem skin. He was sick and tired of trying products that just didn’t work.

Then one day, after reading about its healing properties, Nic’s Grandmother sent him a cream containing an ingredient called ‘Silver Chitoderm’. Sceptical at first, Nic applied the cream for a few weeks and saw a remarkable difference in the appearance of his skin.

His blemishes had disappeared, his scarring had begun to heal, and his skin felt both firm and hydrated. Nic quickly realised that he had stumbled across a ‘miracle ingredient’ and couldn’t let the opportunity to share it with the worldslip away.

After a little (or a lot) of research, Nic located a British scientist who was experimenting with the Silver Chitoderm compound and together they tested it in skincare products.

The results spoke for themselves!

A partnership between the two was formed,47 Skin was founded and today we supply to thousands of loyal customers around the world.

The rest is history.


47 Skin is more than your usual skincare brand.

Our products are the only products in the world to contain the entirely unique and innovative ingredient Silver Chitoderm, what we now call ‘Formula 47’. 

But we are more than just the products you put on your skin.

We are the confidence and the comfort you feel after using our products. We provide you with real resultsso you can face your day with conviction, courageand of course, amazing skin.

We are backed by science.

We are skincare that actually works.

Founded in 2018, we deliver market leading products to our customers in 30 countries from 4 continents.

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