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We're here to help millions say goodbye to bad skin.

Whether it's the odd pimple, regular breakouts or scars that represent a lifetime of battles, we don't need to tell you what it's like to suffer from bad skin. But we can show you what yo do about it.

Because we've discovered an ingredient that stops acne, spots, scars and blemishes in their tracks. And we're on a mission to share it with as many people as possible.

Bad skin... so long.
You really won't be missed.

The secret is

Silver Chitoderm

It's where our name comes from - 47 is the atomic number of silver. Our unique, powerful antibacterial ingredient targets the root cause of acne; bacteria.

Our story began deep in the English countryside.

Where a team of water purification scientists accidentally created one of the most powerful skincare ingredients in the world.

Our community is growing (and glowing).

Laughs. Tears. Stories about tactless, unsolicited skincare advice from total strangers. Our ever-growing community on insta always tells it like it is.

Get the good stuff first.

The early bird catches the special offers, 10% off their first purchase, skincare advice and new product launches (as the saying goes). Just sign up for our emails.