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A lovely spot for a revolution

It was here, in the beautiful rolling countryside of Yorkshire, England, that our revolution in skincare began.

Admittedly, at first, entirely by accident. A team of water purification scientists were hard at work. They'd had an idea. They knew silver was antibacterial, and they knew Chitoderm™ was sticky. So they decided to bond silver and Chitoderm™ together in a new way, to create a gluey, anti-bacterial substance that could sit in filters to remove bacteria from water.

But this powerful, new anti-bacterial substance wasn't destined to revolutionise water filtration. When it came to large-scale production, the numbers simply didn't add up.

So, they got back to thinking. And started testing it on their skin. And when they noticed the huge difference it made, they decided to create a cream and sell it locally.

Enter our founder Nic (and his Grandma).

Fast forward a few months, and a bottle of this as-yet-unnamed product ended up in the hands of our founder, Nic Taylor. All thanks to his Grandma, who'd been given some by a friend who'd bought it at a random market stall. She popped it in the post to her grandson, hoping it might help with his long-standing acne.

Nic had lived with acne for over 10 years and nothing had helped. Not even medication. But remarkably, this little pot of cream cleared up his acne in just four days.

His skin was smooth and hydrated for the first time in over a decade.

He was determined to find the people behind this wonder product, so others could experience the same results. It took Nic over a year to track down the scientists. He originally thought they were in the USA, but eventually realised they were much, much closer to home.

When his search finally led him to Yorkshire, he and the scientists quickly partnered up, patented the formula, and set up 47 Skin to share this life-changing silver bullet for acne with the world.

Since then, Silver Chitoderm has transformed the skin and confidence of hundreds of thousands of people, and the accolades have flown in from the likes of Vogue, Tatler and GQ. From a failed water filtration experiment to a revolutionary new skincare brand, the story of 47 Skin has only just begun.