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An intro from Nic Taylor, Founder of 47 Skin.

Join us for a celebration of real skin and real people.

My Grandma found the answer to my acne - Nic Taylor, Founder 47 Skin.

Medication, pricey products, laser clinics, even the odd cucumber – Nic Taylor tried every treatment under the sun to try and fix his debilitating acne. But it was only when his grandma sent him a little pot of cream in the post that everything finally started to change. How did that one moment transform his skin and confidence, and lead to him founding 47 Skin? And why could Silver be one of the most unexpectedly brilliant things you put on your skin this year?

I was a bad skin baby - Saba Husain, Host of Skin Stories

Meet Skin Stories host Saba Husain, who explains her love of storytelling and shares her journey of growing up with eczema.

Menstruation, motherhood, menopause and skin - Camille Vidal & Natasha Richardson.

Periods, pregnancies and the menopause can cause pretty drastic changes to your skin. But for far too long, there’s been this huge stigma around talking about it. Camille (mindfulness teacher and mum of two twins) and Natasha (menstruation and nutrition expert) are here to change that.

Leave my skin alone - Lou Northcote, Founder of  #FreeThePimple

Lou was a model with perfect, porcelain skin. Until she developed severe acne all over her face at sixteen. She was pushed out of the industry almost overnight, which massively knocked her confidence. How did she go from there to founding an international movement encouraging people to show off their real skin – and even find the courage to start modelling again? Give this a watch to find out.

How steroids destroyed my skin - Zachary Smith, Bodybuilder & Fitness Coach.

Zach was a bodybuilder determined to get big and stay big. But when his coach suggested he tried steroids, he had no idea what it would do to his skin (let alone his mind). It gave him debilitating acne and left him in a really dark place - the last thing he needed while having to perform on stage in front of hundreds of people every night. See what he did to regain his confidence, accept his skin and take control of his mental health.

Why bad skin sucks in the spotlight - Amber Davies & Dominique Hamilton.

Amber and Dominique know that even celebrities have bad skin days. Amber won Love Island and is a massive West End star, but behind the scenes she’s struggled with breakouts. As a make-up artist, Dominique’s seen a lot of actors agonise over their spots. Here, they share the struggles of having bad skin under the spotlight, give advice for dealing with spots, and have a few tips for how to silence that voice which says ‘everyone’s staring at your face’.