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The patented technology incorporates a technique where silver in the atomic form is bonded to a complex, this produces a polymer film with a layer of silver a single atom thick, when applied it creates a protective barrier on the skin.
Formula 47 is a long chain polymer extremely similar to that of collagen, it works in the same way plumping up the skin by producing a microscopic scaffold on which new tissue can grow.

Acne causing bacteria stick to the scaffold/lattice then the atomic silver (one of a few of nature’s natural antibacterial elements) penetrates the cell wall of the bacterium by breaking it down and destroying it. 47 Skin is so effective on oily, acne prone skin because the atoms of silver are residual, staying on the skin until washed off.

The formulation soothes and repairs any damaged skin like a liquid bandage, forming a scaffold/lattice over damaged skin enabling new skin cells to attach to it.